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About A Man's Underwear

You wear it from morning to night and maybe even during the night with just a t-shirt or on itís own. Today menís underwear is a part of a manís clothing with various functions.

For a start you wear for hygienic reasons. You change the underwear daily but you jeans you donít. It is also used for protection and to hold together a manís parts that need to be held together as well as protecting from rough and uncomfortable seams and stitching.

But apart from all these practical uses it has become an important part of a manís fashion statement. In todayís time of personal wellness, comforts, individual freedom and eternal youth it has become a personal signature.

Today everything has to be right from head to toe.

Thatís why here at Under Him we make sure that what we offer with our underwear is to give every man the feeling of wellbeing and comfort but with his own individual style.

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